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Selling Luxury Real Estate

Don't worry, you can let it go. We're here to guide you through it. Should you find it time to sell your luxury property, Prestige Estate Agency holds the merit of showcasing your magnificent luxury real estate. Our experience handling off-market listings and an esteemed buyer base qualifies us to make your home our duty, in continuing the legacy of excellent real estate services in making the sale of your home.

The complex and unique real estate market in Los Angeles demands quality and bold representation, in order to receive the attention desired for the sale of your luxury real estate. In addition to having your trust motivating us as the sales agent and broker for your property, we will have your listing in our network of superefficient marketing on and offline of which we take pride and fervor in executing. We make it simple for parties around the globe to view, explore, learn and encounter your property from anywhere. We show them, as well as remind you, why you came here, why you stayed here, and that Los Angeles Luxury Real Estate has become synonymous with living through some of the best life has to offer, worldwide.

Here are our favorite reasons that explain the esteem granted to luxury real estate in Los Angeles:

  • From contemporary homes, coveted celebrity estates, to landmark residences designed by premier architects, top luxury real estate is plentiful in Los Angeles
  • Despite a stagnant economy, the high quality and demand of luxury real estate properties keep prices to be stable
  • Not to mention the fantastic weather, our year round Mediterranean climate of Los Angeles make it a paradise to live in
  • Proximity to beaches, mountains, deserts, and national parks, Los Angeles terrain and geography provide for the most spectacular views, trips, and leisure in the world
  • One of three supercities in the world, Los Angeles' flourishing economy boasts an abundance of business opportunities in multiple industries from entertainment to tech

Also, our informed expert staffs specialize in the international luxury market as well, and will participate with you in your sale of international property at the best of our ability. At Prestige Estate Agency, we are excited for the continuing surge of international real estate transactions, and look forward to helping you list and sell your international property. Our professional tools and practical method of approaching the international market, with full user-friendly conversation rates applied, selling your home on the international market has never been more simple and convenient.

We are more than willing to help you with more of your questions, but please continue reading and contact us with any inquiry.

Knowledge is Power

You are an educated seller. Wouldn't you say so? It's paramount to executing a sale. Both the informed buyer and seller will seek the required knowledge to achieve their desired transaction, and knowledge is of no shortage at Prestige Estate Agency. We understand the relationship between value and price; we understand you are maturing an investment or divesting an emotional attachment. In order to price the property most accurately and intelligently, a considerable amount of proactive preparation goes into listing your fine luxury property, and that knowledge is power to the sure success of selling your fine home.

Our experts in top luxury real estate have the know-how and ambition for maintaining the luxury image present in the Los Angeles luxury market. Selling your home with Prestige Estate Agency has as much to do with where your luxury property is located, and how it looks to the third eye's view of the buyer. Preparation strategies including positioning, staging, designing and showcasing your property are so crucial to closing the deal, and we have top advisers to suggest and express your home to its peak.

Knowledge is Power - Prestige Estate Agency
Knowledge is Power - Prestige Estate Agency
Knowledge is Power - Prestige Estate Agency

Our agents are constantly keeping the vibe of Los Angeles vibrant and unique market, checking its pulse regularly for new hot trends and patterns of bs. We will qualify potential bs, negotiate your best interest and walk you through every step of the transaction including handling board packages, coordinate between the professionals involved and to the final toast and the closing table. To better equip our agents in the exposure and credibility of these top luxury properties, our website has user friendly interfaces designed to bond seamless channels of communication between you and the future buyer of your home.

This webpage provides for:

  • Multi-lingual support for our richly diverse clientele, bs, sellers, investors, and developers.
  • Automated currency exchange rate for smooth transactions
  • All dimensions, floor plans, and area metrics available in Imperial and US Customary
  • HD Quality photos of listings provided online
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